Exhibit Stories

“Scrap Yard: Innovators of Recycling” exhibit curator Zachary Levine shares an exploration of this exciting exhibit, a story of transformation, that of both … Read More

Transcript: My name is Talia Makowsky, and I use she/her pronouns, and I am the Visitor Services Coordinator here at the Jewish Museum … Read More

Long before our growing levels of waste became an environmental concern, recycling was a part of everyday life for many Americans. From rural … Read More

The Pinckovitch, Graff and Patinkin families had intermarried for generations in their adjoining shtetls in Poland. Marvin Pinkert tells the story of how … Read More

Adam Minter grew up the son of a Jewish Minneapolis scrap metal dealer. Rather than take up the business, he took up the … Read More

Scrap Yard: Innovators of Recycling  was made possible at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, in part, with generous support from the following: EXHIBIT … Read More